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SEEK has more job ads than any other site in New Zealand attracting a huge number of job seekers. Your job ad will receive outstanding exposure on one of the most popular employment sites in NZ and a Job Ad Pack will provide you with outstanding value.

  • No deadlines … posting is available 24 hours and instantly.
  • Tools to support and manage candidate applications.

How does it work?

Prices start at $196

A standard SEEK job ad provides great value with postings starting from $196 per ad (+ GST).

Branded Job Ads at $286.00

Stand out to prospective candidates with a full-display style, colour job ad including your company logo. Branded Job Ads cost only $286.00 (+ GST) - find out more.

Job Ad Packs

Even bigger value for money is offered for those wishing to bulk purchase with SEEK Job Ad Packs. These are recommended for those who plan to advertise a minimum of three times in six months. A SEEK Sales Representative can provide more information and a recommendation on a job pack that will suit your needs.

Larger ad + Longer Posting

Getting a message across in 100 words or less can be tricky in a job ad. With a SEEK advertisement you can provide more information about your available position without concerns for column width or cost per word. What's more, ads appear on SEEK for 30 days, unless you fill the position earlier and elect to 'expire' it.


You can monitor the performance of your job ad on a day-to-day basis. Your SEEK Ad Statistics include details on the number of times your ad has been viewed and number of applications submitted to measure the effectiveness of your job ad.


Of course, the benefit of online advertising is that you can edit or update your ad anytime to improve ad performance or change job details.

Candidate List

Keep on top of your job ad responses with SEEK's handy Candidate List. It can help you monitor, manage and respond to your SEEK job applicants. As candidates submit their details, a summary of their application is recorded on your Candidate List.

What does it cost?

How do I get it?

To place your job ad on SEEK, register now then follow the simple Create A Job Ad process.

Should you require assistance or wish to discuss SEEK Job Ad Packs you can request information online or contact a SEEK Sales representative on 0800 50 50 80.

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